Some Bloggers are Destroying the integrity of the innocent one’s


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Blogging is a nice profession that most of the youths are doing for a living.

Publication of a news item must not been done without cross checking your facts and figures from a reliable source before publishing the news for public consumption.

Publishing a fake news can turn into a courtcase for a defamation of character, and the one who published it can be sued to pay for compensation for a defamation of character.

One thing I have realise about most bloggers is that, they are so particularised in the traffic cuing to their blogging sites.

We all know that the number of people who goes to a news website determine’s the amount of money the site generates.

That doesn’t mean that the blogger should take his or her reader’s for granted by feeding them with fake news.

Some Bloggers are Destroying the integrity of the innocent one's
Some Bloggers are Destroying the integrity of the innocent one’s

When it happens like that it makes the blogging site not to be credible and lose it authenticity as a news Portal.

I was surprised when I heard one blogger saying he doesn’t have time to edit and check the grammar of a news item before he published it out.

This is one of the reasons most constructional sentences in their news writes up’s having grammatical dysfunction, errors and spelling mistakes.

The reason most people don’t takes breaking news coming from a blogging sites seriously is how some of them are notable for fake news.

Some bloggers are doing extremely well in terms of their news repotage that comes with factuality, authenticity, and very accurately.

I will advice those bloggers who always publish fake news should desist from it.

I will not be happy to see a blogger been sentence into prison because of a fake news published about someone.

But the way some of them are interested to publish fake news to paint and tarnish people’s reputation.I suspect that very soon many bloggers will be jailed into prison.

Some people have built their reputation with a lot of struggles and won’t sit aloof for a blogger to tarnished their hardworking reputation for no apparent reasons.

A fake news published by a blogger concerning someone can cause the person alot to lose business opportunities,, financial targets, political appointment, traveling opportunities etc.

Many bloggers are surviving in life as a result of tarnishing and destroying some people career.

The blogging work is helping to reduce or Savage the rate of unemployment in the country which must be motivated and encouraged as it is releasing most of the youths from unemployment bondage.

I don’t know that if there is any association body for bloggers in the country. checking and regulating the works of their members vividly.

If there is none then I will suggest to those reliable and respected one’s in the blogging business should form an association body to regularise their members.

If there is one already then it must be intensified.The association should setup stricted rules and regulations.

This will make the members to be up and doing in terms of publications of news to the public.

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