Stop Going Naked before Your kids – Pastor Advises

Stop Going Naked before Your kids – Pastor Advises
Stop Going Naked before Your kids – Pastor Advises
Stop Going Naked before Your kids – Pastor Advises

Koforidua District pastor of Musama Disco Christo Church (MDCC), Rev. Isaac Abeiku Aggrey has sent a piece of advice to parents to stop going naked before their kids.

According to him, when kids are frequently exposed to such pornographic conduct, it distorts their minds to do things that can have negative effects on their social life.

Speaking to Bryt FM reporter Abba Kwegyirba, Rev. Abeiku Aggrey urged parents to hide their sexual activities from the children because when children adopt such an act at their early stage and become addicted, it spoils them and find it hard to cope with.

He averred that kids learn from watching adults, particularly their parents hence taking baths together, watching pornographic films, videos, images, music videos including making other sexual activities with children must be avoided and to make sure their behavior will be a role-model material.

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“Most of the parents live in a single room with their kids hence parents should desist from showing their nakedness whiles their kids are with them,” he said.

Control yourselves during lovemaking such as moaning, screaming, shouting, hugging, kissing, and among others because the noise alone can spoil their minds of a child to practice sexual activities.

Source: Mybrytfmonline/Abba Kwegyirba Aggrey


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