Stop shaving your pu$$y ‘sakora’, because it attracts germs


Stop shaving your pu$$y ‘sakora’, because it attracts germs

Midwife educated women on their sexual health on Okay FM. Popular Vet Midwife who goes by the name of Mrs. Paulina Siaw Akoto educated women on how to shave their vagina if it becomes scrubby.

According to the Deputy Health Chief Tutor, shaving the bald vagina paves the highway for germs and micro-organisms to cause infections that is unhealthy leading to certain vaginal infections.

“The Vagina needs a bit of hair on them to trap Germs and eradicate infections”, She stated

She then urged ladies to keep leave some hair on their Vagina when shaving.

Check out the video below, Stop shaving your pu$$y sakora, because it attracts germs


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