Tax-Related Charges Against Trump Org Expected To Be Unsealed Thursday

A Manhattan grand jury reportedly filed criminal charges on Wednesday against the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer.

The indictments, reported by The Washington Post on Wednesday evening, will only be unsealed Thursday afternoon, leaving unclear the specific charges against former President Donald Trump’s company and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg.

Weisselberg is expected to turn himself in to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office on Thursday, according to the Post.

Tax-Related Charges Against Trump Org Expected To Be Unsealed Thursday

The charges are expected to be associated with tax-related crimes, multiple outlets reported earlier Wednesday. The news comes after prosecutors reportedly gave Trump’s attorneys until this past Monday to convince them not to file the charges over the company’s financial dealings.

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It has been previously reported that the investigation relates to non-monetary corporate perks and gifts awarded to Weisselberg.

The New York attorney general’s office announced last month that it was also investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity with the Manhattan DA, although there was no indication that criminal charges by the state’s attorney general were forthcoming.

A representative for the Trump Organization did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

Jason Miller, a former senior adviser to Trump, dismissed the charges on Wednesday and said they’re not about the former president.

“This is politically terrible for the Democrats,” he tweeted. “They told their crazies and their supplicants in the mainstream media this was about President Trump. Instead, their Witch Hunt is persecuting an innocent 80 year-old man for maybe taking free parking!”

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Weisselberg, who has worked for the Trump Organization since 1973, is 73.

A lawyer for the company told the AP this week that there was no indication Trump is included in the upcoming charges.

“There is no indictment coming down this week against the former president,” said attorney Ron Fischetti. “I can’t say he’s out of the woods yet completely.”

This story has been updated to reflect a report that a grand jury has filed charges against the Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg.

Sanjana Karanth contributed to this report.

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