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Tema-Devtraco Junction Daylight Robbery, 2 Suspects Shot Dead

Following the current situation in Ghana. The robbery and accident cases have gone beyond control which makes the country insecure for the citizens. It will not be a single day, you will not hear of an accident or robbery case, this has left fear in the heart of every Ghanaians.

I will take this opportunity and plead to the government to find a way we can put a stop to these robbery and accident cases which have become so rampant. We wish the ministry of interior, ministry of defense, and National security boss will come out to say something and also put measures in place to fight against all those cases.

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A live report from UTV has confirmed two suspected armed robbers gun down by police at Tema Devtraco junction around Tema 25 mall. These two suspects tempted to rob a gas filling station attendant but unfortunately for them, they were caught. They try to run away with their motorbike but inopportunely for them, they were shot by the police officers who saw the scene.

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The case is with Devtraco police station for further investigation.

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