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The Berekum Traditional Council in collaboration with The Berekum Youth in Development, National Youth Authority, NASPA joins the Green Ghana Project

Since Adam, it has been undoubtedly clear that the existence of man is bedrock on natural resources. One of the most essential resources that play a key role in the survival of every human being is a tree.

Trees help us in diverse ways such as ; fight climate change,help clean the air we breathe, improve soil quality, make your home and neighbourhood very beautiful, aids in physical and mental health, help control noise, influence rainfall, provide countless economic value, help conserve energy, produce products for use, provide shelter to animals etc. hence the cliché, the last man dies when the last tree dies.

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In attempt to protect our environment and make it a safe place for all, the Ministry of Lands and Natural resources has introduced a project which seeks to plant and nurture 5million (5m) trees in Ghana on this Friday, 11th June, 2021, the Green Ghana Day, as part of a master plan of the Green Ghana project which seeks to restore the forest cover of Ghana.

To help make this project felt and a success in our Municipality, the Berekum Traditional Council in collaboration with the Youth in Development , the National Youth Authority, National Association of Student Personnel Administration (NASPA, BEREKUM) presents the Green Berekum Project which aims at embarking on a massive tree planting exercise to mark the Green Ghana Day.

We therefore invite the entire citizens to join this clarion call and help preserve our environment.

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Interested individuals should kindly contact the numbers below for further information

☎️ Emmanuel Bartels Ankrah 0241966135
☎️ Abuu Sadick Mohammed 0245455564

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