The Good Gitizens Of Ghana Are Against LGBTQI+ – Obenefo writes

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There have been issues concerning LGBTQI+ in Ghana as to whether the government of Ghana is going to accept it or not.

The current religions (Christianity and Islamic) in Ghana do not accept, teach and practice LGBTQI+ in Ghana and the traditionalist as well.

Every good Ghanaian should take note that people that will engage in those ungodly act will bring the wrath of God upon themselves and even their descendants. Every Ghanaian should be bold and be against the practice of LGBTQI+.

Ghanaians do not practice same sex marriage, therefore government should not do anything that will destroy the good family life values.

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The Members of Parliament in Ghana should not keep quiet on this issue but should take a bold decision and be against LGBTQI+.

The Anti-Gay bill should therefore be passed to law in the country.

The Good Gitizens Of Ghana Are Against LGBTQI+ - Obenefo writes
The Good Gitizens Of Ghana Are Against LGBTQI+ – Obenefo writes

Parliamentarians that will attack the passage of the Anti-Gay bill will be voted against if they contest again for parliamentary position.

Government should not hide anything from Ghanaians but should do the will of Ghanaians.

Ghana is a happy home, a land of rich resources with a glorious culture and religion with people of mighty talents, therefore LGBTQI+ should not be accepted to destroy and trample over the glorious culture, religion and the good people of Ghana.

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The current government is therefore cautioned to pass the Anti-Gay bill to law.

By Obenefo

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