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The Hidden Achievements Of The Late Fmr Prez JJ Rawlings Come Out

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The Late Former President Of Ghana, His Excellency, Flight Lieutenant, Jerry John Rawlings who was born in 1947 and expired in late 2020 is earthly aged, 73 has two folders of achievements: Thus the achievements known to all and the rest you need to know now:

During his regime, Jerry Rawlings managed to accomplish the following:

1. According to the World’s bank development report of 1999-2000, the introduction of the NDC agricultural program and policy from 1994 to 2000 saw Ghana on the map as one of the leading food producers in the world. It came after Jordan at 157%, and China who were at 156%. This was the third-highest achievement to be experienced in the country.

2. Both Queen Elizabeth II and the former US president Bill Clinton visited Ghana during the tenure of Jerry John Rawlings to highlight the successes of the country.

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3. Expanded electricity to Northern parts of Ghana – hitherto ignored by ruling elites since 1957.

4. JJ Rawlings played a significant role in peacekeeping and dispute resolution in various unstable countries in the sub- Saharan West African region and the entire African continent.

5. Came to the rescue of hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians living in Nigeria who were expelled. He ensured they got somewhere to stay at El-Wak stadium in 1983 and then assisted them to relocate to their family homes. This help saw some advanced economies such as Germany suffer because of this integrated reunification.

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6. Created 110 districts, through non- partisan district level elections. Education, infrastructure developments and healthcare all devolved to the district level. Annual government subvention by law goes to the district — unthinkable in many other African countries.

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7. Achieved economic and political stability in a region rife with conflicts (for example Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone).

8. Ghana’s huge reputation in international peacekeeping, coupled with the ability of H. E JJ Rawlings to get the illustrious son of Ghana, Kofi Annan, elected as the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

9. He significantly improved the health sector by constructing the modern regional hospitals at Sunyani and Cape Coast. So many district hospitals were built during his time as president, to cater to the medical needs of the citizens of Ghana.

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10. Established the University for Development Studies, and used his Hunger Award Prize Money to buy books for the University’s Library.

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11. The sprawling housing sector in Lashibi, Sakumono, Adenta and the ones on Spintex Road, all came up during his era. The SSNIT estates found all over Ghana were built during his rule.

In a nutshell, many He did as an individual and yet to be reported and published.

Compiled by Alex Konlan, Ghananewsprime.com

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