The new Dormaahene’s expensive customized vehicle stir online

The new Dormaahene’s customized expensive vehicle stir online.

Let us praise him for his unwavering generosity and kindness. Yes, he provides interest-free loans.

On social media, the Dormaahene Oseadeyo Agyemang Badu’s official car has been trending. This comes after his recent viral meeting in Kumasi. The Dormaahene, like every other great King, travels in a convoy with a motorcade.

His name is on the number plate of this specific automobile.

He may have gotten it around his 55th birthday, according to the inscription in the popular photo.

On numerous media sites around the country, Oseadeyo Agyemang Badu has been trending.

His political, social, and economic interviews are well-known, and they frequently spark controversy.

The car appears to be an expensive V8 automobile from the front.

May you, Oseadeyo Agyemang Badu, the overlord of Dormaa Traditional Area, enjoy a long life.

The new Dormaahene's Customized vehicle stir online.
The new Dormaahene’s Customized vehicle stir online.

May you gain more power, wealth, and wisdom so that you can rule for a long time. Aren’t you enthralled by Dormaahene’s way of life? Simply take advantage of his colossal blessings and celebrity.

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