The Pupils Of Gumo D/A Primary School Cry Of No Furniture

The Pupils Of Gumo D/A Primary School Cry Of No Furniture

Pupils in the Kindergarten (KG) and the upper-lower primary of the GUMO D/A primary school in the Kumbungu District have been studying without furniture.


The media visit to the school noticed majority of the classrooms did not have furniture for both students and the teachers.

Speaking to the students, they said the situation is affecting teaching and learning in the school.

“We are feeling sad to be sitting on the ground. When a teacher is teaching we are unable to concentrate due to the lack of chairs and it is affecting us. So we need chairs to sit on.”

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They also complain of having to wash regularly because their uniforms easily get dirty. “We wash our uniforms two times in a work.” They said.

They therefore, appeal to authorities to come to their aid and ensure they get chairs to sit on.

Meanwhile, the MP of the area, Honourable Dr. Adam Hamza, who was at the school to hand over a newly built 3-unit classroom block to the school has noted the situation and had promised to do something about it immediately.

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By Moro Hamza, Tamale/

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