‘The white you are scamming will pay millions, so sow a seed’ – Prophet Nigel Gaisie

These ‘byforce’ men of God will be the end of us. They are more cunning and dubious than the internet fraudsters who scam their victims millions of dollars through romance and love scams.

In a disgraceful video that has surfaced on the net , Prophet Nigel Gaisie is seen praying and blessing a sakawa boy to be able to flourish in his scam business.

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In this fast trending video, the Prophetic Hill founder has videoed ‘bargaining’ with the gentleman to sow seed as a sacrifice through which God will bless him to make more money from his white clients most especially a certain wealthy woman.

Initially, the guy wanted to give only ₵500 but the money minded man of God tld him to give a huge money wince he will be raking in millions of dollars very soon.

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Check out the video below to know more…

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