There Is No Coronavirus In Ghana – Akua Donkor


Flagbearer and founder of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) Madam Akua Donkor have stated in her address to the Nation that there is no coronavirus in the country as we speak.

According to the founder she advised the president and his government to close our boarders when the pandemic started but they refused to heed to her advice since they needed a way to steal from the National coffers all in the name of coronavirus.

Her address which was telecast on Kofi Tv on Facebook got more revealing stories since the flagbearer believes Ghana has no coronavirus case and is all part of the governments plan to fake the numbers and steal the taxes of the citizens in the name of coronavirus.

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She further went ahead to say the doctors and the leaders should be very careful about what they are doing thinking they are deceiving the citizens but soon the God she serves will punish them.


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