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Viral Video: 16-Year-Old Boy Descends Harshly On Akufo-Addo, Otumfour and Others As If they Are His Class

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This is too bad, social media has become so easy that everyone else can post anything.

Shockingly, what was predicted when Twene Jonas began his talks has finally happened as a boy captured in a viral video descends heavily on the leaders.

It is quite embarrassing seeing this boy who could be referred to grandson by these two leaders rants his mouth.

In more detail, this teenager who is said to be 16-years of age is being seen in a video fast trending on the various media platforms spilling out words of insult to the Akufo Addo government and the Asantehene for the present rise in illegal mining.

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What this boy is trying to say is that, the only thing that can bring these leaders back on track is to receive hurting insults from citizens because it seems they are not ready to ever listen to the plea of Ghanaians until they begin to receive insults.

What hurts this teenager most is the fact that the president went ahead and used thousands of Euros to buy a private jet for himself and his family while he continues to take more loans from other countries in the name of developing Ghana.

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He further stated that Otumfuor and his fellow chiefs are contributing to the destruction of water bodies and they in turn think they want to curse Jonas for it to work.

He stated that those curses pronounced will have no effect as the gods of the water are even mad at those chiefs themselves.

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The little boy is urging all Ghanaians to stand on their feet and fight for their rights without fear.

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