‘Too Much’ Cries Bitterly As COVID-19 Could Bounce Down His Move To Mexico

Too Much

‘Too Much’ Cries Bitterly As Covid-19 Could Bounce Down His Move To Mexico

A promising Fante comic actor Ibrahim Idrees well-known as ‘Too Much’ is in thinking state as what is rumoured is true concerning the offer to be in Mexico.


It is baffling his fans what the media is forecasting is true and how and when to materialized?

“Reports have it that Junka Town star Too Much, has been signed by ‘Hollywood’ for an upcoming movie”.

According to a post by GHBase.com which cited oneminutegh.com , the move came as a result of a tip from some producers who,advised the English side to sign the Ghanaian Fante Actor.

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Too Much is reported to play the role of a Mexican drug lord in the seasonal movie and expected to fight the protagonist in the end.

However, management of the Fante comic actor is yet to comment on the development.

Whiles, we are happy for our brother, there are many questions unanswered and it is only prudent we wait for a statement from the management and/or their artiste”.

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The above emphasized have made his fans to quize if this is an original deal can ‘Too Much’ move during this Covid-19 pandemic?

In addition, if the deal is true and it’s about to bounce down, ‘Too Much’ heart is on breathing pain because of the international ban of travelling.

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