‘Trump will sit on America’s seat once more’ – Badu Kobi’s bombed prescience

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‘Trump will sit on America’s seat once more’ – Badu Kobi’s bombed prescience

Dubious Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi’s prediction about the 2020 decisions in the United States of America neglected to show, after completely expressing that the occupant President Donald Trump will at present be in the White House in 2021 as the US President.

Badu Kobi, the Founder and Leader of Glorious Wave Church International is known for making forecasts about the US and Ghanaian races and the vast majority of his expectations have happened in one way or the other.

While lecturing in his sanctuary on Sunday, October 4, Prophet Badu Kobi told his gathering that in the US political decision which was to be held by November 3, there would not be any change.

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“Trump will sit on America’s seat once more,” Badu Kobi said with adulation from his assembly.

The prophet clarified that “America won’t decide in favor of him, however he will be President. The votes that will come will be for Biden however Trump will in any case be President.”

Badu Kobi made a reference to his 2016 prescience about the US official political decision when Donald Trump challenged Hillary Clinton. In that 2016 prediction, Badu Kobi showed that a specific country was helping Donald Trump to fix the decisions.

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“A similar way Trump will demolish his direction; he will win. Americans won’t see yet Trump is 2021 President,” Badu Kobi proclaimed

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“Between the two [Biden and Trump], Trump is solid, Biden is feeble, and he will utilize that solidarity to win. Thus, Trump is the following President of America… ,” Badu Kobi accentuated.

Attacking his profound dad, Rev. Owusu Bempeh who expressed that blessed messengers (watchers) held a gathering and it didn’t go for Donald Trump, Badu Kobi stated, “If a Prophet discloses to you that heavenly attendants are presently talking, it’s clearly false… Trump is the President.”

Badu Kobi focused on that Donald Trump is a secret to Americans and “Joe Biden doesn’t have the cure to manage Trump…he is the victor.”

In the interim, Prophet Badu Kobi on Saturday, November 7, attempted to eat back his words by erroneously guaranteeing that bloggers are deluding general society by taking his message “outside the realm of relevance”.

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He composed on his congregation’s Facebook timetable: “I have not responded to the US decisions as bloggers are deluding the general population by taking my past post outside the realm of relevance. The post is alluding to an inquiry posed by an adherent, “would god be able to alter his perspective” concerning the America elections?…”


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