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Twene Jonas Bl@st Nana Addo And Warns IGP Over Ejura K!ll!ng [Video]

I'll let the youth burn police stations if you shoot anyone again, Twene Jonas fires IGP (Video)

Ghana Youth President Elect Twene Jonas has descended on the IGP and gives him a strong warning about the on going shooting and killing the country.

Are you sick in the bush over there?. If you don’t deal with the police officers who shot and killed by fellow Ghanaians I will come and encourage the Youth to burn all police stations in the country.

How many are you there in the bush?. Who told you that you are more the the people in the bush over there?. If you’re a man like me fool again. He said in a video recorded by himself

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In the video below, he directed some shots at the President saying that ” Akufo Addo, the inquisitiveness you displayed when George Floyd was shot,” use the same energy to comment on these issues. Twene Jonas fired

You sit in that bush and fool you Nana Addo and your Ministers. I will come and encourage the youth to destroy your offices in the bush over there. He said

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Watch the video below:

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