Two SHS girls caught on camera having a twerking challenge [Video]


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Two SHS girls caught on camera having a twerking challenge

Ghana is a country of many wonders as we may term it. Aside the hospital nature of it’s people, you can see stories and marvel about what you are currently seeing.

It has always been known that students from the single sex schools do not get the chance to enjoy certain opportunities as those in the mixed gender.

since they only live in the midst of others with the same gender as theirs.

Recently, it has been seen that several unacceptable behaviours are being recorded in the Senior High Schools in Ghana.

Two SHS girls caught on camera having a twerking challenge [Video]
Two SHS girls caught on camera having a twerking challenge [Video]
Not so long ago, there was the issue of this SHS in which the seniors were seen forcing female students to bang on the floor in the form of a punishment which is very bad.

There is a video trending online in which two female students were captured on camera having a twerking challenge.

The students were seen dressed in their schools outing wear for which most netizens are suggesting they are from ABUSCO.

While these students are expected to learn good lifestyles from school before stepping out into the society, this is what we see instead.

If they start this way at an early stage as such even as they are under the control of authorities, what then can one expect from them when they get to the Tertiary when they are on their own?

Our students need to learn to be responsible at all times as that is a stepping stone into their future and they need to be very mindful of what they do now and on social medias as it may affect their future employment.

Teachers are also to be strict on students to reduce these occurrences so as to make parents proud.

The future depends on these ones and if this is what they are doing while still in school, then we have to fear greatly as a nation else the next generation to handle the affairs of the country may turn the country into a country of twerking.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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