Udoka Jane, a Youtuber based in United States, says she can’t marry a man who makes less than $500,000.

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Udoka Jane, a Youtuber in the United States, says she can’t marry a man who makes less than $500,000.

Udoka Jane, a Nigerian Youtuber based in the United States, has stated that she will not marry a man who makes less than $500,000.

This was said in one of her YouTube series when she listed the requirements for dating someone like her.

A man earning less than 200,000 dollars, according to Udoka, would not have a chance to date her because she is a sophisticated girl with the whole package.

She believes that after agreeing to date a man with a monthly salary of $200k, the man should be aware that by the end of their relationship, he should be earning $500k.

The lovely Vlogger stated that she has such high criteria since she need a home with a garden, swimming pool, and a large yard, among other luxuries.

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See the video.

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