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[Video]: Chinese foreman beats and chases out local worker who asked for better conditions of service

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A video circulating gives a sorry account of a Chinese foreman who out of fury decided to beat and chase out a local worker who asked for better conditions of service.

While the Chinese man was unable to speak the local dialect, he was infuriated with one of the workers who was holding what looked like documents.

Other workers looked on while the Chinese man approached the poor worker, threw the documents onto the floor and started pursuing him.

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The worker remembered that “Fortune favours the bold” and decided to stand his ground and counter the attacks coming at him.

The Chinese, out of options, picked up a log and started pursuing the worker. It took a dramatic scene when the Chinese man was pushed to the floor by the leg of the worker who was actually pissed about the entire situation.

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It is unclear which African country the incident took place but the one filming the entire drama keep on saying” Leave him, it is documents.

Many are dumbfounded and asking if an African can move to China and start subjecting the nationals to unfair inhumane treatment?

Watch Video Below:

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