Video: I Had 3.Some With a Client and his Wife – Lady Reveals


Young lady and single mother of two, Berry Bobs has disclosed a sh0ck!ng experience as a hookup girl. She shared how she got a threesome deal with a client including a man and his wife for 700 cedis.

Hookup Girl Reveals She Offers Free Services If The Man Is Good
In a chat with SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami, Berry indicated that her customer called for a threesome with his wife. His wife was a nursing mother who had A cesarian section so she couldn’t have sex.

“He called me at night but I was not scared because he is a regular client. I went to their home, his wife welcomed me and gave me food and everything so I felt comfortable. It was just my client and I but his wife was watching us,” she revealed.

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Berry stated that the recent upsurge in hookups by the youth is due to unemployment. According to her, most of them do not enjoy it but they do it for the money. Due to this, “I go for AIDS test every week. Hookup is risky but we have no option.”

Berry Bobs added that she prefers phone sex because she is at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

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“Also because I don’t want it to affect my kids in future. I don’t want people to point fingers at them and say their mother is a hookup girl,”

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