[Video] “Money And S3x Only Makes Me Happy, I Don’t Mind Being A Third Wife If He Is Rich” – Ruby Date Rush

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Ruby, a contestant on Season 4 of Date Rush, has made shocking disclosures about her sexuality and her life outside of the TV3 love reality show.

In a new interview with DJ Nyame of SVTV Africa, Ruby has revealed she is a student of GIMPA however, she refused to mention her level and programme she is reading. Ruby gave good remarks about GIMPA added that she wants to be an entrepreneur in the future.

Ruby revealed that she has lost her father, who had more children, when asked about her family. Ruby said some of her siblings are schooling while others have their life going well with them.

Telling more about her life at Accra, Ruby said what makes her happy in life is money and good s3x and that when she is broke, she doesn’t feel okay.

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Ruby stated bluntly that she is currently single because she is dealing with the emotional fallout from her latest broken relationship.

Ruby who broke her virginity after her secondary school said her DMs are full of proposals from guys and that wasn’t because of date rush but it’s something that has been happening because of her beauty.

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Ruby again indicated that before she date a man, he must be rich, someone with a longtime investment to take care of her.

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Date Rush’s Ruby again said she doesn’t go in for a short guy regardless of his worth.

On how she manages with her rent, Ruby said she she dates men who are rich for them to support her financially and aside that, she gets some help from her mother and little businesses she does.

The 23 year old Ruby explaining why she landed on commercial tv to look for love despite being a lady with everything a guy wants said she went on Date Rush to release stress.

Ruby went on to say that she had broken up with her boyfriend and was looking for someone, so she went on Date Rush to find love.

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Ruby claims that she is unconcerned with a man’s number of wives; she is happy to be a third wife if the man is wealthy and can provide her with peace.

Ruby at the end of her interview noted that a guy from outside Ghana whom she has not even talked to has shipped a Jeep for her.

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