Video over the weekend that got people talking [Watch]

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Video over the weekend that got people talking

According to the screenshots in this post from the video, a man is severely grinding a very attractive girl with a large behind and’melons.’

It appears that the party where they were seen dancing was organized by the roadside, but these guys were not afraid of passers-by.

Weekends in Accra are a lot of fun. After a week of hard work from Monday through Friday, most individuals utilize Saturday and Sunday to unwind and enjoy themselves. Weekends, according to some, are for ‘relaxing.’

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Initially, they danced facing one other, but the lady became so enthralled that he handed the guy her behind to grind. The male also wrapped his waist around the lady’s waist.

The lady was spotted leaning down and making the grinding really enticing for the man.

This lady’s clothing exposed a lot of flesh, so the guy can literally feel the raw skin on her behind.”

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Video over the weekend that got people talking [click to Watch here]

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