Video: Teacher Caught SHS 2 Students Having $3x In Class

Video: Teacher Caught SHS 2 Students Having $3x In Class

The fact that there is no proper care to minimize indecency in education to the minimum level is a major slap in the face of the Nigerian educational institution.


It is worrying that secondary schools, in particular the government itself, are behaving immorally.

For reasons of secrecy, or maybe to protect the reputation and credibility of the school, Twitter trends for the wrong purpose a secondary school whose names have been intentionally withheld.

WATCH[V1DEO] Yawa ₦@kk3d V!de0 Of SHS Student Ohemaa Ama Trending Online

A video of some of these students (male or female) came online in the classroom and committed some act of irresponsibility, while also playing music loudly in the presence of their teacher.

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The man played hokum dance on the girl while the others both encouraged her. And before sending out their wards, parents should always take note of schools lacking any fundamental principles

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