[Watch Video] Date Rush Ali falls on stage in failed attempt to lift Shemina on live TV

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On last night’s episode of TV3 Date Rush Reunion, excited Ali embarrassed himself while trying to carry his naturally-endowed date, Shemima on live TV.

On the June 27 edition of the show hosted by Govanni Caleb, contestant Ali crushed to the ground with his date Shemima.

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What ensued was that Ali after inviting Shemima onto the stage began dancing with her before at a point he attempted to lift her.

He fell over along with Shemima onto the stage with the plus-size Shemima lifting herself up and continuing to dance.

Ali later on in the show presented Shemima with a ring he called – a promise ring – stressing that the two of them were soon going to get married.

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Watch the video below

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