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We Christians are suppose to render our hearts and not our garments. – “Are JOY And Kennedy Prophets or Politicians?

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There is a very high level media platform called “Christian Leaders”

On 12th April, 2019 , the only independent presidential candidate for 2012 and 2016, Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah (Joy) posted the massage on his official Facebook page, Joy2020 TV and Christian leaders social media platform.

Surprisingly, 13th May, 2020,this is the same massage , Hon Kennedy Agyapong said on Net 2 TV show “The Seat”.

Today, the different tongue God is using to speak to the church? – Hon Kennedy Agyapong .

“For with stammering lips and another tongue He speak to this people”, Isaiah 28:11 NKJV.

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Below was a massage by Joy on ” Christian leaders” platform on 12th April 2019. Read the scriptures given and the massage in the video by Hon Kennedy Agyapong.

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How did Christianity get to this far in Ghana and Africa?

Are what we were witnessing the premier instance and are they expected?

What should the body of Christ do in these circumstances and how should we go about it discerning and not emotionally.

Why and what has informed the “deafening silence and action by Christian leaders whilst these exploitation by the Masses thrive?

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You cannot serve God and Mannon
Jesus cantoned emphatically.

By their fruit you shall know them.
Jesus insightful gave discerning analysis to test spirits in person no matter the religious ritual, prophecies and miracles.



Eze 22:23-30, depicts what, why and how these were witnessed in Ezekiel days and Gid’s Solution.

Also Isaiah 28:6-12, depicts actions of wine of politics and intoxicating drink of corruption instead of the wine of the word of God and intoxicating drink of righteousness which is of God.

We Christians are suppose to render our hearts and not our garments. So as to take introspective action that rely on the Grace of God for the church to take her True Prophetic role that will extinguish the power of Darkness of ignorance, so the light of knowledge abound.

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Credit: Mensah Francis

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