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What Indication Is If Schools And Churches Are Spotted Using Flags Same As LGBTQI?

Since the world agreed that FLAG is the symbol of pride, a flag is now playing a powerful role in our societies globally.

This significant role has brought much concern about the flags some individuals, organisations, institutions and others use, their meaning and colour combinations.

Quite recently, the issues of LGBTQI sprang up and many stakeholders and other agents of socialization condemned the initiation and introduction of such groups in Ghana.

In fact, such groups are confirmed existing in other countries in the world but Ghana has not legalized those groups to have stay because of our constitutional and cultural contents.

The LGBTQI is a wide society or movement with a confirmed flag as rainbow, with all the colors of rainbow and arranged in order of rainbow colors, having the following meaning: Hot Pink for sex, Red for life, Orange for healing, Yellow for sunlight, Green for nature, Turquoise for art, Indigo for harmony, and Violet for spirit.

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Meanwhile, the LGBTQI adopted the month of June earlier as LGBTQI Pride Month like they took rainbow colors as their flag colors and they started celebrating the month of June since 1969 which took place in New York City.

Accually, during Pride Month (June), it is common to see the rainbow flag being proudly displayed as a symbol for the LGBTQI rights movement in all the legalized countries across the globe.

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Surprisingly, some schools and churches have been spotted in Ghana with same flag of LGBTQI bearing the complete color arrangements and design. This has put the media to task to rectify the real meaning of such flags being hoisted by some groups, churches and schools because those schools and churches should know the meaning of their flags as they are same as LGBTQI.

Now, the media is asking, do those churches and schools understand the meaning of the flag they use? Or they are secretly practising such act or initiating people?

Your comments would help many to gain apex understanding.

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