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Why J.J Rawlings Should Win ‘In Pursuit Of Vision’ Award Now In Africa?

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According to polls from the sources of all countries of mother Africa, the late former president of Ghana, His Excellency, Flight Lieutenant, Jerry John Rawlings deserve the ‘In Pursuit Of Vision Award’ in the history of Africa.

Mr. Rawlings who was born in 1947 and expired in late 2020 gained earthly age of 73 was a great visionary that worthed him of many achievements.

In fact, according to all media platforms assessment, his visions, aims and achievements were remained hidden until he died.

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Furthermore, the polls indicate many Africans especially Ghanaians never knew and understood Mr. Rawlings until recent times. Facts are unveiling his call to be a leader in those days.

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Aside his physical achievements, this Nobel man had ideal leadership skills that graded him enormously. To recall from his early age of joining the military and all leading roles he played attest to his courage and pursuing leadership have been materialized.

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In addition, Mr. Rawlings wished all Africans must be fully independent and not secondary or refined slavery. He often spoke against Europeans introducing religions like Christianity forcing Africans to be like Europeans.

Moreover, he personally shifted to overthrow governments on power then due to corruption that made many Ghanaians bleeding woefully. He wished to control monopoly of businesses, black market and corruption. As military trained personnel, equality and non preferential treatment was what he wanted to ensure.

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Despite the fact peace is the hallmark of security and development of every society, Mr.Rawlings was always having problem with justice. He disliked injustice and realised the country was swimming in the pool of injustice and associate malpractices.

In conjunction with the above mentioned, Mr. Rawlings was very frank and wished all and sundry should endervor to be same.

Most of all these traits made him very successful through all his attempts. Though his initial aim was not to rule Ghana as president, it was to clear or kill all the rot practices that were going on then.

Finally, in 1992, he ordered for democratic government and the people of Ghana threw support for him to be successfully seated as democratic president for eight years.

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In nuthshel, the ‘In Pursuit Of Vision Award’ is aiming to reward the late Mr. Rawlings for pursuing his aims and visions in Ghana and the entire Africa. Indeed, the award is based on people recommendations both physical and on all media platforms world wide.

By Alex Konlan, Ghananewsprime.com

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