Why your wife may easily fall for male gym instructor


Why your wife may easily fall for male gym instructor

The modern day marriage where children go out there and bring the men and women that want to marry home, is becoming problematic than the olden days where parents search for a wife for their sons.

In this same modern world, many men are insecure about their wives because a man will walk with his wife to a social gathering and the wife will hug about six men passionately.

And some of them will tell the husband who they are like being a colleague, classmate, old friend from childhood but there are the inexplicable ones hugged and no explanations offered.

What they will do is something surreptitious and they keep a safe distance and you can see them whispering to each other. And most men want to complain but for them to keep peace in their marriage.

And now the new thing in our system is going to the gym to train and look good and healthy due to stroke and other diseases in the system of late.

Unfortunately the gym centers have about 98% of men who are the instructors.  And most of these instructors are very handsome, looking very healthy with their well built figure and highly presentable.

This already makes a lot of men who take their wives and fiancees there scary yet they have to trust them and register them aside the ladies who go there by themselves to register.

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Now to the topic of my article why many women easily fall for male gym instructors, it’s a mystery. Read below to know why most women can’t resist the gym instructors.

Many men lack the ability of complimenting their wives in everything including when they are looking nice but for the gym instructors compliment the women they train everyday about how they look now after a short training etc. And they say that to them eyeball to eyeball.

Why your wife may easily fall for male gym instructor
Why your wife may easily fall for male gym instructor

This is not to seduce them but that is their normal way of complimenting all their customers including men.

But because the men of these women don’t do that to them, some of the ladies see the gym instructors to be romantic and they fall for them.

Not to say women are weak but every woman is moved by what we hear unlike men who are moved by what they see.

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And the truth of the matter is women swim in adulation and adoration, gym instructors aim to lift a woman’s spirits and self-esteem. And every woman wants a man who admires her in all forms, especially about her looks and features.

Therefore every husband and fiance must learn to compliment their women whenever they look good and even when they don’t, just for them not to fall victim to other men’s compliments.

Finally, gym instructors are mostly disciplined but it is the women who fall for them and they victimize them because of the kind of training they do with them whilst building their hips, bust etc. Therefore every man should learn from the attitudes of the gym instructors and apply in their relationships,

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