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Woman Claimed To Be Daughter of The Late Former Prez. J. J Rawlings

A 52-year-elderly person calling herself Abigail Mawutor Rawlings is making exciting cases that she is a little girl of the late previous President, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, whose burial service is at present progressing.

Authoritatively, the previous President is known to have three girls and a child, all through previous First woman Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, yet the most recent cases by the woman has started warmed discussion.

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She said on ‘SVTV Africa’ at the continuous burial service rituals of Mr. Rawlings that her mom, presently perished, was a Togolese by name Rose Agbodzi Senge.

She conceded that it was conceivable the widow, the previous First Lady, didn’t know that she (petitioner) is Mr. Rawlings’ little girl yet guaranteed that the Abgotui Family in Dzelukope in the Volta Region where Mr. Rawlings’ mom, Victoria, had a place, thought about her story.

She said she became acquainted with about her genuine dad in 2002, when Mr. Rawlings had served 19 years as the head of Ghana and was on retirement, and said she had since been utilizing the name Rawlings yet couldn’t disclose to her genuine name before the name change.

“He is my dad. He brought forth me,” she guaranteed, adding “I have been in the family yet I don’t have a clue why they are declining to acknowledge that I am his girl.

“I bent over backward to complete a paternity test and Dr. Agumenu, Dr. Djokoto and Dr. Zegede and other people who think about this case endeavored to get the issues settled however without any result until his abrupt destruction,” she said.

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She asserted that “he caught wind of me. He knew it all. Dr. Senanu Agumenu even carried cash to the town and said my dad (Rawlings) requested that he offer it to me. I live in Accra yet they called me to go to the town in Dzelukope. He had sent the cash through Dr. Agumenu to be given to Mr. Tenge and sent to me,” adding that “they requested that I utilize the cash to begin some business.”

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“They all know me in the house (Agbotui Family) yet my kin (Mrs. Rawlings’ kids) perhaps don’t realize that I am one of them. The issue is that when I need to draw nearer they would prefer not to allow me access,” she asserted, adding, “Since his destruction, I have attempted to go to my dad’s home a few times yet I am constantly denied admittance however I would prefer not to raise any ruckus.”

She said her mom “revealed to me all that there is about my dad before she passed on. She informed me regarding how they met when my dad was a youthful fighter.”

She said she began moving toward the family nearly 20 years back,” adding, “This isn’t the first run through. I’m not criticizing him. I attempted everything I could to draw near to him however I was not fruitful.”

She said that “I became acquainted with that he was my dad in 2002. That was the point at which my mom enlightened me regarding it,” saying, “Before my mom uncovered it to me, I was seeing him (Mr. Rawlings) in my fantasies so I asked my mom and she revealed to me everything.”

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“My mom said my dad was in school and when she got pregnant, he (Rawlings) implored her (my mom) not to uncover the character of the individual that impregnated her generally the family won’t support his schooling,” she added.

She said that she didn’t remain with her mom yet said she was given to an old woman at the Adabraka Market, Accra, to take care of her, adding that “When I grew up I became acquainted with that I didn’t have a dad and a few people used to taunt me thus.”

She likewise guaranteed that Maame Dokono thought about the issue, clarifying “I went to her home in 2003 and she exhorted me that it was a genuine case and that I should take some cash and leave town. So she gave me some money to leave. I left Ghana to remain in Togo for quite a while and got back to Ghana later on.”

She said that while in Togo she was moving to Dzelukope to search for her dad’s family, adding, “They acknowledged me so I was frequenting the spot. They never questioned me.”

She even asserted that “I was at the Agbotui House in Dzelukope for multi week when my dad’s mom passed on.”

“I couldn’t say whether Mrs. Rawlings has found out about me. We have never met face to face. They attempted to take me to the Rawlings’ straightforwardly when the body of Rawlings’ mom was laid in state and I revealed to them it ought to have been done before. I advised them to stand by when the burial service was finished.

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“Mrs. Rawlings was staying there yet I don’t think she comprehended what was happening. The family should be accused for not coming out. I can’t remain before the camera and lie to the entire world. I need to draw near to my kin,” she said.

She said she was brought into the world in March 1968 yet was not, at this point wedded in spite of the fact that she said “I have three youngsters however the first is perished.”

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