Young Couple Caught Redhanded “Doing The Do” During Eid Adha In Nima [Video]


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Young Couple Caught Redhanded “Doing The Do” During Eid Adha In Nima

A video making rounds on social media captured a supposed young couple crazily in love “doing the do” in Nima during the Eid Adha period yesterday.

Eye witness by the name Razak on the scene revealed that the couple was caught by the elders of Nima after several rumors and monitoring.

“We have been hearing rumors in the community that the couple have been disturbing their neighbors with “do the do” noise and making them uncomfortable.”

As a result, complaints were made to the youth leadership in Nima and they acted to put a stop to the absurd behavior of the couple.

According to Mallam Farouk, the case will be dealt with internally by the Islamic leadership and they will involve the police stay out if need be.

Note that; overly exercising your rights to the extent of causing discomfort to others’ rights can land you in police custody.

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