Your woman will go crazy if you touch these parts

Your woman will go crazy if you touch these parts

Dr. Grace Buckman of Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Centre has tipped on some specific parts of a woman’s brea.$sts that a man can touch to make her go crazy during 4play.

Interviewed on eTV Ghana, she mentioned that the brea.$ts are each divided into four quadrants.

Out of these quadrants, the top outer quadrants, which is the top-left of the left breast and top-right of the right breast are usually more sensitive and can be a focus when caressing a woman’s brea.$ts.

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She again noted, “Even before the nipple, the areola region, which is the dark skin around the nipple area around the nipple, is also very sensitive so going straight to the nipple is very wrong. There are a lot of sensitive areas even before getting to the nipple.”

According to the doctor, there is a hormone in women known as oxytocin which causes contraction in the uterus. This hormone also causes contractions in the vagina and that is what causes women to get horny.

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The more the breasts are stimulated, the more the oxytocin level rises, thus causing more contraction in the vagina to in turn get the woman horny and produce vaginal fluid.

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