6 Things men do when they are in love


6 Things men do when they are in love

Relationships are very delicate to handle. Men mostly tend to take relationship at a slow pace once they think they have found the right one. A lady should be very keen on how a man behaves around her. Here are some clues of how a guy that wants to stick around for a long time behaves. Ladies, if a man does this things around you, he is in love with you and wants you to notice it.

1. He listens to your stories and remember even the small details about you from the stories. If you notice that a man remembers even the smallest details about you and even your friends and family, then he is very much into you. He wants to be closer to you and know every possible detail about you. This is very rare in todays world.

2. Asks you for fashon advice. Many men do not right away know how to match out outfits. They however don’t ask everyone for fashion advice. If a man asks you for fashion advice it is clear that he wants to impress you by wearing what he thinks you think is cool.

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6 Things men do when they are in love
6 Things men do when they are in love

3. Cooks for you. The fact is that alot of men does not like to cook. If a man goes outside his comfort zone and makes a meal for you, he is trying to prove that he can be worthy to be around.

4. He runs errands with you. If you notice your man wants to do tasks with you, it’s mostly not because the task is interesting but mostly it is because he is trying to spend the maximum amount of time with you.

5. He hangs out with your family. It is a very risky task going out with someones family. You are never sure what will happen along the way. An argument might develop and you are left feeling like an outsider all day. If a man risks going out with your family, then he is in for the long haul.

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6. Fixes things around your house. He is trying to show you his value. If a man is being handy around your house, he eagerly fixes broken staff around your house, even the easy task, he wants to prove he can be a good husband.

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