GNP: Crystal Waist Beads Are For Protection Against Evil Eyes – Hot Lady Discloses

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Women are used to wearing different types and styles of waist beads for so many reasons.

Obviously, some women wear waist beads to serve a purpose of becoming more aware of their stomach and sitting posture.

Moreover, others wear waist beads for fashion. They use the beads as accessories to make up difference between themselves and men.

Most women think men have taste in waist beads of women when in bed and the beads add up and shape women making them more attractive when naked.

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Some men have also recommended waist beads of women because they romance or play with the beads when in bed with their lovers.

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In some ethnic groups and societies, women are forced to wear waist beads because it is believed it is a taboo for the women not to wear waist beads like men.

Upon all these usual tradition of women wearing waist beads, a hot lady has come out with a unique reason for some women wearing waist beads.

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According to her, some women wear waist beads for protection against evil eyes and negative energy and mostly those waist beads contain chakras and crystals.

GNP: Crystal Waist Beads Are For Protection Against Evil Eyes - Hot Lady Discloses

And for that matter, men who are ignorant fall into the traps of some wicked women who are devilishly possessed.

Some women also ignorantly buy and put on those waist beads and as a result, they end up by been exposed by men who know much about waist beads.

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