Good And Affordable Web Hosting Services In Ghana & Africa 

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Good And Affordable Web Hosting Services In Ghana & Africa

You may wonder if it matters or if the WebHost you chose to host your blog/website has an influence on your blog. Yes, Choosing a bad web host will have a variety of effects on the performance of your website.

This is why, despite their success, some bloggers who have been posting and playing for years are still battling for online relevance.

They require a reliable web host in order to improve the performance of their websites and make them more responsive to their visitors and readers. When a reader or visitor comes to your blog, everything appears to load faster and there are fantastic articles all throughout.

They will become a follower, if not a great fan, who will return to your website whenever they have a need for something related to it.

There are a number of web hosting providers in Ghana/Africa, and some of them offer such low costs that you might question how they earn a profit.

This is because they want to be relevant on the internet, yet most people despise their jobs.

Choosing a good web host is critical since it has a significant influence on your website:

1. A good web host improves the speed with which your website loads;

2. Your website will not be shut down without your knowledge if you choose a reliable web host.

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Creating a website that shuts down unexpectedly or loads slowly as a snail is, in my opinion, a waste of effort.

Here are some of the reasons why I believe this:

1. Slow-loading websites are not ranked by search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. In this instance, you will always be outranked, and developing the blog/website will be a waste of effort.

Good And Affordable Web Hosting Services In Ghana & Africa 
Good And Affordable Web Hosting Services In Ghana & Africa

2. A slow-loading website has a high bounce-back rate, which impacts traffic and, in the case of an affiliate website, sales. This is because no one will wait even 20 seconds for your website to load; instead, they will leave and go to another website.

I will recommend the following web hosts to everybody who reads this:

1. StormerHost ( Ghana-based web Host Company )

This is a web hosting firm situated in Ghana that hosts a large number of websites. You may either buy a domain name or host your blog on WordPress or another platform. And I’ll tell my Ghanaian friends about it, as well as folks from other African nations.

I host several of my websites there since they provide consumers with 24 hour help, offer reasonable costs for their services, and are dependable.

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I had my doubts when I first saw them online because they are based in Africa, but after reading their Google ratings, I decided to give them a try, and everything is going great with all the sites they host and the domain names I purchased.

When I first saw them online I doubted what they can do because they are based in Africa but for their Google reviews I decided to give them a try and everything is going well with all the blogs they host and the domain names I bought for myself and other clients I worked for. You can make payment to them either through Paypal or Mobile Money.

A. It Costs only 55cedis to buy a domain name at StormerHost.

B. It cost Only 140 to host a website with them through WordPress.

These are not the only services they are offering you can check their website out and you will find everything you want.

Click Here To Visit Their Website:           StormerHost

2. WordPad:

3. Host Metro

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