Must Read: Accra Psychiatric Hospital Releases Immediate Contact Numbers To The Public – 0577 69 07 53/……….

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The Accra Psychiatric Hospital is a psychiatric care and medical facility under the Ghana Mental Health Authority. This facility is responsible for mental health in Ghana.

The facility as part of their responsibilities, has come out with immediate contact telephone numbers of which any individual who may need their assistance would call. The numbers are many but only one has been quoted here. Any person who may need the other numbers (other network platforms) should contact this to request: 0577 69 07 53.

According to the authorities of the hospital, the people of Ghana must know their immediate call lines for medical attention and enquiries from them at all times. Though the facility operates 24hours daily but people at remote or who may need counselling or guidelines from them could reach them through the phone talk easily.

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To buttress the story, they have realised that during end of year season like this time, majority of people faces metal problems at homes, offices, generally in life. And those grievances (broken heart) leads to one taking his or her live away (commits suicide). In order to stay away from such troubles, the victim could contact the hospital for counselling or guidance.

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Lastly, the authorities of the facility is warning defaulters who may misuse the aim of them publishing their contact by way of calling aimlessly. Any culprit found, may face consequences by the law. And no one should therefore hesitate to call them for help.

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By Alex Konlan,

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