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Western Togoland billboards pop up.

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Western Togoland billboards pop up.

A signboard with a ‘Welcome to Western Togoland’ and ‘You are leaving Western Togoland’ inscription has been spotted at Akorley in the Yilo Krobo District of the Eastern Region.

Residents say they saw the signboard on Thursday morning.

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Persons who erected the signboard still remain unknown.

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Aside the inscriptions, the signboard also has the flag of Western Togoland at the top-right corner.Western Togoland billboards pop up.

Armed police officers from the Somanya Police Command had to, however, pull it down by midday.


The activities of some secessionists claiming formation of the state, Western Togoland, resurfaced in 2017 by a group named Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF).

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Its leaders were arrested and have since been standing trial.

Source: 3 News

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