Westside Gunn Lets Rome Streetz Shine On “Steve Behr”

Westside Gunn Lets Rome Streetz Shine On “Steve Behr

The closing track off Westside Gunn’s new album “Flygod Is An Awesome God 2” sees him spitting bars alongside Brooklyn emcee Rome Streetz with both rappers delivering hard verses.

Even though he already dropped a critically-acclaimed project with Pray For Paris back in April, Westside Gunn decided to surprise fans today with even more new music via a surprise album titled FLYGOD Is An Awesome God II.

The 14-track LP is impressive from start to finish, including the closing track “Steve Behr” featuring Brooklyn emcee Rome Steetz.

Spanning just under five minutes long, Gunn structured the song to let lyricism stand out the most before ending things with a three-minute-long skit. During the two minutes we do get to hear bars, it’s Rome who stands out the most thanks to a boom bap-inspired flow and being clever enough to throw a line in there that plays off the “Two Virgils” meme.

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If Gunn continues to provide us with hard-hitting cuts like this one and the other tracks on this record, Griselda is definitely in a good place to take over for the next generation of hip-hop.

Westside Gunn Lets Rome Streetz Shine On "Steve Behr"
Westside Gunn Lets Rome Streetz Shine On “Steve Behr”

Listen to “Steve Behr” by Westside Gunn and Rome Streetz below, and hear FLYGOD Is An Awesome God 2 right now on all streaming platforms.

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Quotable Lyrics:
It was OFF-WHITE, now back to rockin’ the rugby with the racehorse
Half a gram for a Virgil, have a blast, lift your face off
Like Scott Storch, this shit that I produce be the muy bueno
Late nights like Leno, I was movin’ elbows out the rental
I’m lit with rap, that ain’t coincidental
I seen a n***a take five acid tabs, that sh*t fried his mental
Son ain’t been the same since, seen him the other day
I let him hold somethin’, I’m real, won’t look the other way

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