Ladies, your body shape no longer moves men, see what they want for you to be able to upgrade.


Your body shape no longer moves men, see what they want for you to be able to upgrade.

In a normal way, the wedding is supposed to last forever. For this reason, men and women must ensure that the person they want to marry is the right person for them. If you marry the wrong person for the wrong reason, you will have trouble along the way.

I used to tell people, don’t fall in love because of what you see. These things are deceitful. Fall into Love because you love a person. Not because someone has money or because they have a beautiful figure.Your body shape no longer moves men

Until now, when a girl is beautiful, she thinks she’s got it all. She thinks the men are coming for her. She thinks her beauty will be the front door to having the perfect man in her life. Usually, this so-called perfect man is a wealthy man who probably resides outside the country.
The era when beauty sold a woman to a rich man is over.

Even rich men are in search of clever women. Women who have value to add in their lives. Not women with only beauty and fitness. Look, if you are a beautiful woman and you think that your beauty is your greatest blessing from God. I must tell you that you are absolutely mistaken.

  1. The condition of the country at this time does not really require your beautiful skin. Unless you want to engage in certain types of dirty work. Far be it from you. The men have opened their eyes wide. They change as the world changes.Your body shape no longer moves men
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Your body shape no longer moves men

Look, men will not eat beauty. They can’t keep admiring you forever. They don’t need your beauty for a living. I’m not sure whether you understand what I’m saying. The world is changing, so also are the minds of men. If you have been depending on your beauty for success. I think it is high time you changed your focus.

Please understand, no average man will marry a very ugly woman. Ugly as used here means a woman who is not attractive and does not try to look better. Men are emotional about what they see. However, when they come into play, they can be dissatisfied.
For instance, if a man marries a girl who is so beautiful.

A few years after the wedding, he discovered that the young woman has nothing more to offer than beauty and romance. What do you think he would do?

He will leave the girl if? Your body does not move him

In essence, I am saying that no matter how attractive your body size is. You can be used and dumped if you don’t have value. What is this value all about? You would ask. The value more or less corresponds to the profit your husband will get from you.

Let us not forget that the essence of marriage is not confined to love and procreation. It means more than that.
Your body doesn’t move men any more. You need to upgrade. Men need women who have good hearts. Not women who look like angels in appearance.

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But inside of them, they are as deadly as the devil himself. Men want women who have some good skills. That is why you need to learn as many skills as possible. You don’t expect a man who is struggling with his career to marry you. So that you will add to his problems.

No! He will marry you so that you will serve as a helper in his.

Men want well-educated women.

Education does not mean going to a higher school. This means going through the school and enabling the school to go through you. If you are beautiful but without brain. A man will pick another girl who isn’t as beautiful as you but has the brains on you.

The standard of our lives calls for people who can help at any time.

Are you that woman?

A blessed man is a man who’s wife has both beauty and brain. How fortunate a man he would be. Why not make your husband that lucky man? I am sure you are beautiful, why not make it up with brain?Woman

Men want women who have good manners and morals. A woman with no training at home may have difficulty getting married. Even if she gets married, she may have trouble staying married. Please Start today to get you started.

Written by Mr_Counselor

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