Another Lady erroneously transferred her n-kkɛd video to social media | Watch

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Another Lady erroneously transferred her n-kkɛd video to social media

Private video is by all accounts a cultural blister that has come to stay with us particularly the individuals of Ghana.


Its comes in various structure in one way or the other. Its not any more an unexpected when such recordings springs up and course over the different media communities.

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Disgrace is not any more a respected word to the young people of thesw days. Leɛked recordings and sɛx tapes is by all accounts their new life and pattern which practically every one of them are following.

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The video beneath shows a young lady who recorded her ‘property’ for the sake of affection to send the video to her sweetheart and erroneously springs up via web-based networking media.

We would have wanted to transfer the video for our loved perusers however it’s against our arrangements.

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Yet, actually this video isn’t generally elusive since it started slanting on all the online life stages. Simply sign on and you will discover it easily… wink

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